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Our Campaigns:

The children's hospital in Guantanamo

Since November 1995 UNISON and Cymru Cuba have been involved in projects with the province of Guantanamo and none more important than the children's hospital Pedro Agustino Perez. In 1995 we first visited the hospital and saw first hand the brutal effects of the illegal and immoral blockade of Cuba had on this hospital. We saw vital equipment in a very poor state of repair and even some dialyses machines not in use as the parts need to come from the US making it impossible for the Hospital to fix them.

Over the years since we began the twinning project we have sent thousands of pounds worth of aid in containers to this province and this hospital from nurses uniforms beds and operating tables and the famous British right hand drive ambulances to life saving medicines. In 1996 we sent a third generation antibiotic which was requested as an emergency and was used to save the life of an 8 year old boy.

The efforts Cymru Cuba and UNISON have made in showing solidarity with our friends in Guantanamo have been held in high regard. All workers, trade unions and the institute of friendship hold us in high regard as anyone who visits the province will tell you. You will be meet with Welsh and UNISON flags in every building and people showing there gratitude for the work we have done.

Whilst the U.S. President continues his aggressive approaches to Cuba by intensifying the blockade and ensuring its laws are enforced vigorously the Cubans continue to fight against these measures and have survived the worst effects of the collapse of the soviet union and the blockade. It was impressive and heart warming to see the hospital fully equipped now with life saving equipment it once struggled to keep going. As ever everyone in Guantanamo continuously thank us for our solidarity during these hard years and hoped our solidarity will continue albeit more along political grounds through lobbying and campaign for improvements to be made in relations between the EU and Cuba the lifting of the blockade and freedom for the Miami 5.

Initially our work was around container appeals where we collected medical equipment, medicines artificial limbs, medicines and many other much needed items. In 1995 Cuba was fighting against some of the worst set of economical circumstances imaginable caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union Cuba's main trading partner and the tightening of the US blockade.

Cymru Cuba has helped to organise and facilitate groups and individuals who want to visit Cuba. The WEA and UNISON undertook a study tour.

UNISON members outside the trade union for health workers office in Guantanamo. Cymru Cuba and UNISON are held in high regard by the trade unions in this province

Books to Havana University

Access to literature is crucial to create good professionals, but the US blockade specifically bans the sale of books to Cuba. The HavanaUniversity library lacks the fundamental books needed in the formation of human resources. Cymru Cuba is proud to support a project to send books to HavanaUniversity. Cymru Cuba has sponsored the transportation of books from Cardiff University to HavanaUniversity.

Cardiff University is part of a successful project between the Welsh Assembly Governments education department and the ministry of higher education in Cuba. This donation is from all the professors at Cardiff Uni organized by Dr. Colin Berry and Juan Alexander Padron (Cuban PhD student at Cardiff Uni supported by the Royal Society), whom had been able to collect more than 300 up to date science books in topics like Chemistry, Biochemistry, Mathematics, Biology and related sciences. All the donated books contain an insert highlighting that they are part of a donation from the people of Wales to improve Cuba University system.

U.S.A., Hands off Cuba!